Durham University Big Band

Sunday 12th July 12 noon

Durham University Big Band is a fully-auditioned, student-run, eighteen-piece big band comprising the best jazz musicians in the university. They take pride in continuously reinventing what’s musically possible in the big band idiom. With a large repertoire ranging from traditional big band swing to hip hop, latin and funk, they are incredibly versatile in the types of venues and settings they are able to perform in.

An ambitious musical attitude has led them to perform at multiple university and college events as well as internationally renowned jazz clubs across the country. They have won multiple awards at The Great North Big Band Competition over recent years as well as a Platinum award at the National Concert Band Festival in November 2019, and are proud to have worked with well-known jazz professionals/educators including Mark Armstrong, Pete Churchill, and Ben Cottrell. The band record a professional album or EP every year, adding to Durham University Big Band’s international reputation.