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Daniel Marques Trio

Saturday 11th July 1:30pm

Daniel Marques is a renowned 7 string guitar player and composer from Rio de Janeiro, and until recently was based in Berlin where he directed the Brazilian Explorative Music Festival. He has been gathering enthusiastic reviews performing internationally at guitar, jazz, world music and folk festivals.

Daniel’s music is heavily based on percussive elements and in an innovative technique for bass lines. His unique style of playing the 7-string guitar impresses the most renowned guitarists around the world, showcasing a surprising quasi-orchestral sonority: the whole rhythm section at his hands.

He released his trio album – Redemuinho – in November 2019.


One of a kind.


Taking Brazil's rhythms and stretching them out.

NIELS LAN DOKY (pianist)

Daniel Marques is one of those artists that you run into once in a while and you just go: 'Wow! Where did this guy come from?'